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Your mouth is something you want to be sure to take care of. Preventative and routine dentistry can help you ensure that your teeth stay healthy for years to come. We offer a wide array of general dentistry services for people of all ages.

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  - Cleanings

  - X-Rays

  - Dental implants

  - Dentures

  - Extractions

  - Root canals

  - Crowns

  - Bridges

  - Fillings

General dentistry services

Featuring 4 of the area's best dentists, Gold Dental provides comprehensive dentistry services with the latest technology in the Monticello area.


Our staff is dedicated to providing prompt service and we can often accommodate same day appointments, and even 24-hour emergency services when necessary.

Accommodating your needs.

At Gold Dental, we pride ourselves on staying knowledgeable and using the latest technology to painlessly meet your dental needs. Your mouth is important to us!

We care about you.

Stay up to date on your oral health

General dentistry equipment A dentist and a patient discussing teeth structure